Speckled Yellow

    Pseudopanthera macularia

    GeometridaeABH 70.229 B&F 1909

    A scarce and local species of woodland and scrub, in decline.  Seemingly most common in the Brendons and North Hill/Bossington, and occurring irregularly elsewhere in Exmoor.  In the Mendips, recorded recently from around Crook Peak and Draycott Sleights, though seems to have disappeared from Ubley Warren and around Cheddar Gorge where it used to be frequently reported.  It may have disappeared from the Blackdowns with only one record in the last 15 years, and seems to be long gone from the rest of the county.

    Adult Verification Grade: 1

    Speckled Yellow (Pseudopanthera macularia) photographed in Somerset by Sue Davies