Small Ranunculus

    Hecatera dysodea

    NoctuidaeABH 73.28 B&F 2165

    A recent colonist, mostly utilising neglected urban areas with populations of Prickly Lettuce Lactuca serriola.  The moth established itself in Newport and Bristol in the early years of this century, with the first Somerset records being in Weston-super-Mare and Bath in 2010.  The moth has since spread out geographically, and can be found along roadsides with Prickly Lettuce and in gardens if cultivated lettuces are allowed to go to seed.  Although still mainly a northern moth within the county, it reached Taunton in 2021 and ought to be present around Bridgwater and Yeovil as well now.

    Adult Verification Grade: 2

    Small Ranunculus (Hecatera dysodea) photographed in Somerset by Jenny Vickers