Shaded Pug

    Eupithecia subumbrata

    GeometridaeABH 70.189 B&F 1840

    A species found mainly from Dorset up to Lincolnshire. In the county it was historically thought to be rare and very local and probably no longer resident. With increasing use of light-trapping, the species has been recorded in small numbers, but not annually, since the early 1990s. It is a species of chalk downland, breckland , open woodland, salt marshes and other coastal habitats. Infrequent at light, it may readily be disturbed in the daytime in long vegetation. Larvae feed on a variety of herbaceous plants. Darker specimens may be confused with Grey , Common or Bordered Pugs.

    Adult Verification Grade: 2

    Shaded Pug (Eupithecia subumbrata) photographed in Somerset by Nigel Voaden